Two More Dumb, Pointless Lies Told by Official, For Real Republican Nominee Donald Trump

What, you think just because it’s his convention week that Donald might lay off the tall tales? That’s so sweet and innocent of you but, no, friends. He never takes a break. In fact, one of his two dumb pointless lies is literally about the Republican Convention.

On Monday night, as we told you, Donald Trump was on Fox News while his convention was going on. The super important topics from his hand chosen speakers were no reason for him not to hog the limelight so he could trash Gov. John Kasich out of pettiness. While he was trashing him, Trump told a really dumb lie.

This is so dumb. Cleveland was chosen as the host city in 2014. It had nothing to do with Trump. Yet right there on Bill O’Reilly’s show he just flat out lies about it and says it was his idea. (And by the way Bill didn’t bother to challenge him on the obvious and stupid bald-faced lie.)

There is no reason to lie about it. Lying is just a reflex for Donald Trump. He does it by habit. By nature. Especially on the topic of him being the best and most and greatest and smartest of all things.

The second dumb lie was more complicated but just as ridiculous. He lied through his flunky, the broken husk formerly known as Chris Christie.

“He said, ‘How much does the check need to be? Just tell me and I’ll send it,’ ” Christie told the crowd, according to an account on the news website

But then, Monday afternoon, a spokesman said Christie “misspoke.” The spokesman, Brian Murray, appeared to be indicating that Trump had not donated anything to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, which was run by Mary Pat Christie.

If you don’t think that story was orchestrated and approved by Donald Trump and his top people, you’re probably wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. But everyone else knows that of course this was his own lie, stuck in the mouth of the Christie puppet.

The convention is too late to convince people you’re some secret benefactor. Trump is not a mystery anymore. He’s a known quantity. It’s now about making the case that he is better for the country than Hillary. His relative generosity is not likely to be a campaign issue. Why tell this dumb lie? Ego?

Yes. That wasn’t a hard question. It’s ego.

Just stop telling lies. Take a break from it. Go on a lie-cation. Seriously. You’re making everyone in America look bad.

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