Trump NH Campaign Calls for Boycott of Kasich Event Because *&#$% Unity

The ill will continues in Ohio, but not from embittered Never Trump delegates. It’s the winners. From shouting at Colorado delegates to booing delegates being bound to other candidates, truly we can say to the victor belong the spoiled. And among the worst is New Hampshire Trump campaign co-chair Steve Stepanek.

Stepanek, like most Trump stumpers, is fervent in his religion and demands conversion of the unwashed. One of the unconverted infidels is Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, who has been trashed this week by His Orange and Terrible Majesty as well as his minions. But Kasich has remained apart from the convention and failed to become a cheerleader, so the punishment must be meted out. In this case, in the form of a boycott.

Make no mistake, it is the Trump campaign’s job to make bridges now. They won. They must bring people into the fold. You know, it’s just that minor consideration of whether or not they are actually interested in winning in November.

So far, it seems not. At least, not so interested in winning that they’re willing to make any effort at unity. When Democrats appeal to bipartisanship or coming together, they always mean us coming to their side of the aisle. It seems when Trump talks unity, he means the same thing. You must come to him. He will not come to you.

Literally. They’ll straight up boycott you.

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