Cruz Pledged? Please. Only Thing That "Pledge" Deserved Was to be Used to Wipe Someone's ... Wherever

The stupid pledge that Trump fans are on about tonight was meaningless. Why? Because Donald Trump voided it. Donald Trump refused it. Then Donald Trump spit on it by spitting on Ted Cruz’s family. On his wife. On his father. Pledge? Really?

How could you respect him if he endorsed because of some pledge that Trump himself in no way took seriously? After all that transpired in the primary? Even Trump didn’t care about the dumb pledge.

There are bridges too far. It’s not a difficult concept. Any person complaining about that “pledge” tonight can easily construct a hypothetical whereby honoring it would be preposterous. Murder, for example. If someone you pledged to vote for murdered your family, you’re pretty much out of the pledge. Yes? Agreed? Then you agree there is a hypothetical boundary.

Well buddy, Donald Trump crossed this pledge’s boundary, which had a way lower threshold than murder to become null and void. It was null and void when Trump wouldn’t agree to it. Without everyone then it doesn’t apply to anyone. It was null and void when he mocked Ted’s wife. It was null and void when he claimed repeatedly that Cruz was a false Christian. It was null and void when Trump accused his dad of conspiring to kill President Kennedy.

I mean seriously. How high is your watermark, people? How much **** does someone get to shovel in your face before you’re no longer bound by some MSM creation that Donald himself wouldn’t commit to? That he still won’t commit to supporting the nominee, and HE’S THE NOMINEE.

It’s a ridiculous, dumb, bitter, silly complaint. And the only reason anyone is making it is because they want their revenge on Ted for opposing The One for too long.

So frankly, you can take that pledge and cram it in your wherever.