PROTEST VIDEO: "A Pig Shot Me, I Shot Him Back," Says Man with His Family Outside of #RNCinCLE


This man, along with a woman and several children as young as four, were wearing t-shirts that said Tamir Rice on the front. The man’s said “HE CAN NEVER RIP, MURDERED BY A PIG” ON THE BACK.

Before I started filming, the guy with the megaphone said that he once shot a “pig” after being shot, and that he served 12 years for the crime. He also stated that if the shooting had been in reverse order, the cop would be dead and he himself would be dead or in prison. Here’s the clip, and below are some photos.

He had a lot to say about “pigs.” Meanwhile, the “pigs” were keeping the peace throughout the plaza.

TAMIR-RICE-1The man’s daughter, holding a toy pistol.