WATCH: Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Thinks Paul Manafort Must Resign, IF ..

On CNN about ten minutes ago, the hosts were discussing the plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech from Monday night with former Trump campaign manager (and current Trump campaign check casher) Corey Lewandowski. They asked him about who should be held accountable, and that’s when he said that Paul Manfort, current campaign manager, should resign. IF


He should “look deep inside” and make the right decision to resign because he hurt the candidate’s wife. If, you see, if he was the last person etc etc blah blah.

The Trump campaign, however, has stated that they have no intention of firing anyone and, indeed, are denying that there was plagiarism. For his part, Manafort has blamed Hillary Clinton for it. But one thing is certain, the attention has been taken off their disastrous handling of the Rules committee, the ugly aftermath of that debacle, and the generally bad opening start to the convention.

Instead we are talking about how his wife was the victim of bad Washington elite speechwriters. Another happy coincidence for Trump. Amazing isn’t it? Almost as if …


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