BREAKING: 'Almost Physical' Arm Twisting by Priebus and Trump Forces to Force States to Withdraw Roll Call Petition

Dana Bash, talking with people behind the scenes here at the RNC, gave an explanation on CNN for that surprise moment when it was announced that 3 of the 9 states that had petitioned for a roll call vote had withdrawn them.


Both sides were more than ready for conflict when the Rules Committee vote came up, shouting at each other almost immediately. Some were yelling “roll call vote!” while others hollered “we want Trump” and the rest shouted “USA, USA, USA”.

There may have been official resolution of the question, but there was little resolution between the two sides. Shouts continued through the remainder of the afternoon’s proceedings, particularly groups yelling “WE WANT TRUMP” at States who filed petition while their delegates were leaving, because classy.

It seems the RNC and the Trump people were prepared to quash opposition. And quash they did. The ayes did not have it.

Addendum: Rosie Gray has the names of the states that withdrew:


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