WOW: Lt. Gen. Flynn Admits Flipping on Abortion so Trump Would Pick Him for VP (VIDEO)

In the Veepstakes, everyone is working their angle. Mike Pence keeps calling Trump the new Reagan. Newt regales Trump with tales of his “attack dog” cred. I don’t even want to know what Chris Christie is doing. And Lt. Gen. Flynn? Well he’s flipping and flopping on the abortion question like a fish out of water. Which he clearly is in this race.

Earlier this week, pro-choice Democrat Flynn made news when he basically changed his position on abortion after Republicans went ape over his pro-choice position.

Today on CNN, Jake Tapper confronted Flynn about the flip, and Flynn conveniently flipped most of the way back.

TAPPER: It looked as though you said what you believed, and then somebody might have told you, well you’re not going be picked if you support abortion rights, and so you changed your mind. Is that an unfair interpretation?

FLYNN: No I think it, you know, it’s not unfair.

So then … it’s a fair statement. Wow.

Flynn goes on to say that if people want to change the law it requires the Supreme Court and that choosing the Supreme Court justices is going to be a big part of the next administration. Tapper doesn’t let that go without clarification though, and asks outright if Flynn wants that to happen, if he wants a Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

“You know, I don’t know Jake, I really don’t know. It’s something I would have to give more thought to.”

He goes on to say it’s really a legal issue about rule of law and that he’s not a lawyer. At a rally on Sunday, Trump referred to himself more than once as the “law and order” candidate.

So Flynn doesn’t know if he wants any changes to abortion laws, but doesn’t think it’s an unfair interpretation to say he changed his position on Monday in order to be considered as Trump’s Vice President.

This is someone Trump is considering for his Vice President. Sounds like the perfect Trump guy to me.

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