The Deadliest Night for Law Enforcement Since 9/11


Five police officers were executed on the streets of Dallas last night in the deadliest single attack on law enforcement since September 11, 2001. Six more officers were wounded and are in various states of emergency care. One suspect is dead. And the city of Dallas is in shock and still under siege.

The demonstrators were protesting police brutality and the two recent deaths of black men at the hands of police officers.

Of the eleven officers shot, 10 were hit by sniper fire, and one in a shootout with a suspect. Another suspect was holed up in a parking garage for hours as police attempted to negotiate with him. During that standoff, he repeatedly told law enforcement that “the end is coming” or “the end is near.” Eventually, that suspect was killed.

Three suspects are in custody. The police have not stated for the record that these four individuals were the only persons involved in the attack. Police are engaged in a painstaking search of the city after the now-dead suspect told them there were bombs all over the downtown area.

Click here to watch President Obama’s statement on the killings.

This morning, not long after the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) officer who was the first fatality noted for the record was identified, CNN aired this emotionally charged report:

The tragedy in Dallas is devastating. The loss of men and women who dedicate the days of their lives to protecting the lives of others to slaughter and terror is not just painful but enraging and frustrating.

Click here to read about a man who was wrongly identified by police as a suspect, apparently based on his open carry.

Today will be a day of investigation. the police have advised those who work in the downtown area to stay home. Downtown Dallas is locked down by dozens of police cars and officers. Baylor Hospital is in a turmoil of loss and grief, rescue and hope. We all await the next press conference to find out how the remaining officers fare.


As the day goes on, RedState will keep you updated on the news and the investigation. And the consequences.

For our overnight coverage, including videos and photos from the scene, click here.

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