BREAKING: Man Police Identified As Suspect Turned Himself in During Chaos of Active Shooting

Dallas-Police-DepartmentLATEST UPDATE: The Dallas police tweeted a photo of a man they identified as a “suspect” in the shooting. However, subsequent reporting seems to indicate the man was simply at the scene while openly carrying, and turned himself in and surrendered his weapon in the chaos.


The Dallas police department has confirmed that he turned himself in.

This post has been updated.

There are now a confirmed 11 police officers shot, four of whom are dead, and one civilian has been injured. We will post updates as they become available. This is still an active shooter situation according to police.

Original story here.

Original updates below:

UPDATE 2: CNN Contributor Roland S. Martin points out a discrepancy. A video from during police response shows suspect in photo on the ground with other civilians. It doesn’t rule him out, but is absolutely worth noting.





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