VIDEO: Dem Rep. Actually Tries to Make Comey Hearing on Clinton Charges About ... Donald Trump!

FBI Director Comey is being grilled today in a House committee hearing regarding his decision to clear Hillary Clinton in the case of her proven mishandling of classified information. The Democrats in the hearing are behaving along a range from predictably scummy to “are you serious, bro?” and the head clown so far, by a wide margin, is Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia. Which is, by the way, par of the course for this cartoonish buffoon.

We have more than one outrage from the bulgy-eyed weirdo, but this one is first. Here, Connolly attempts to blame the entire hearing on Donald Trump instead of on the FBI or House Democrats or, you know, the guilty party Hillary Clinton.

The only surprise is that he didn’t actually try to claim Trump was the one sending classified intel from his basement.

It’s not about justice or accountability or criminality or the American people, it’s about Trump. Democrats are going to make everything somehow about Trump, because that’s a pretty winning strategy for them so far. Which is fine, as strategies go, as long as you don’t care about honesty or integrity or justice or accountability or …

You get the picture. But it’s Rep. Hurd who really gets the picture, and lets Connolly have it.