VIDEOS: Donald Trump Has Been Using that Saddam Hussein Line for YEARS, Media Just Now Buzzing

There was a mini to major firestorm last night on social media and in opinion articles after Donald Trump praised Saddam Hussein’s awesome and desirable anti-terror policies which apparently he thinks we should adopt. But the bit about Saddam being replaced by “terrorist Harvard” isn’t a new one for Donald. In fact, he’s been saying it for YEARS.

First, here he is speaking in North Carolina last night:

Like I said, we’ve already discussed that one here.

Now here is in an interview with Jake Tapper back in October of last year:

And here is way back in January of 2014:

My favorite part of that one is where he says “whether you like Saddam Hussein or not,” as if this the subject of some sort of ongoing debate about whether or not Saddam was super-likable or somehow a good guy. Also funny? People say “whether you like Trump or not” all the time. Funny.

Anyway, its not even the first time he’s said it this year. Here he is in February, just before the South Carolina GOP Town Hall:

This isn’t new, but it exploded last night as media folks Tweeted and reported on it. It was a top trending topic on Twitter and dominated social media. This time. Now that the primary is over.

Hmmmm, wonder why that is.