VIDEO: Five Reasons America is Still Great

(Six if you count fireworks.)

This video from National Review is a great reminder of the fact that there is still plenty of good news around this old place.

There are a lot more reasons America is already great. Maybe it’s time, even for a day, set aside frustration for celebration; Give angry a day off and be joyous; To set Twitter aside and take a lighter and some legal explosives into a field. Things look bleak, sure, but there are 240 years of history to remember today and, as National Review points out, some pretty good things still happening today.


To borrow from the timeless words of Chumbawamba, we get knocked down, but we get up again, you ain’t never gonna keep us down.

In other words, nice video, NRO. Now let’s all go blow stuff up.

*PS. I’ll be blowing up a buttton of fireworks tonight. I hope to have pics tomorrow on my Facebook page. If you’re doing the same, share in the comments.


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