Your Sunday Morning Weekly Poll Results: Embrace the Horror

It’s July 3, and this is your weekly Sunday morning weekly poll round-up and doomxtravaganza! This week, we look at The Great Narrowing, two unusual polls, and ponder our place in the the great and wondrous mystery of the universe. But mostly the polling thing. Who is where, and why? Let’s find out!

Here we go…

Reuters Daily Poll

The Reuters/Ipsos Daily tracking on Trump vs. Clinton (animated GIF):

Hillary spent the week dominating yet again, moving between 9 and 13 points ahead and finishing on Friday at 9.4 ahead. And below is Friday’s poll result featuring all options.


Trump “cratered” in this poll, to use Leon’s phrase, dropping to a 12 point deficit. A double digit lead for Hillary is common in a lot of recent polls.



PPP had some crazy interesting results this. For example, this question:

And also this one:

But for fascinating, you really have to go to this one.

Yes, 13% of people chose the sweet meteor of death. I mean … can you blame them?

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner
In this poll released on Thursday, a three way match-up shows Hillary over Trump by 7. In the same poll, the head to head has Hillary up 8.


But that’s not the most interesting part. As Reason notes, Gary Johnson’s results are the most intriguing. Johnson beats Trump among African-Americans, at 7% to Trump’s 5%. These are still, of course, negligible numbers, but the fact that he is beating him at all is itself telling. More, from Reason:

Johnson beats his overall 11 percent average slightly with Hispanics, with 12 percent
Johnson neck-and-neck with Trump with millennials, 22 percent to Trump’s 24. Johnson’s Gen X support also beats his overall average, at 13 percent. With Boomers, though, he’s only pulling 5 percent.
Five percent of identified Democrats say they’ll vote Johnson; 11 percent of identified Republicans say the same.
Identified independents are going for Johnson 24 percent (Trump has 33, Clinton 32 of that group).

This poll was conducted across nine battleground states and shows the trouble that Trump has in many demographics. He’s still trying to coast on his primary race strategy. It isn’t working. How bad is not working?

Swing States Update
Trump is losing all the battleground states in recent polling. Clinton is competitive in places she wouldn’t normally be. Contrary to promises and predictions, Trump is failing to swing the blue to purple or red. In short, on the state by state view, Trump is in the toilet.

The odd man out, Rasmussen’s weekly poll has Trump up over Hillary for the first time since May. Trump leads Clinton 43% to 39%, a four point lead.

RCP Average
This week the RCP Average stands has Hillary Clinton up by +4.5, at 44.8 to Donald Trump’s 40.3. That’s a slight dip for Hillary and a very slight boost for Trump. The Narrows.

Polls go up and polls go down. This week, they even tell us some people are ready to embrace the horror and welcome the end. The race has narrowed generally, but some have huge leads for Hillary and others have tiny leads for Trump. So for yet another week, it’s pretty much good for Clinton and “bah” to “d’oh!” for Donald. And that’s the news!

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