WATCH: Sources Tell CNN the FBI Will NOT Bring Charges In Clinton Investigation (VIDEO)

I mean, you knew it was going to happen, right? Even without the clandestine meeting between Lynch and Bill, the establishment is too powerful, and Hillary is in too deep with it, for her to ever be held to account for criminal acts. Following her totally voluntary interview that she volunteered voluntarily to give to the FBI yesterday, which was voluntary, CNN broke this news.

There isn’t much more information on this. Here’s a CNN report on the investigation, including the information about no charges being brought.

You know, Donald Trump famously said that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose any voters. And sure, that’s a sad statement. But you know what may be worse? Hillary Clinton could shoot someone in the face on 5th avenue in broad daylight on camera, and still not lose a single day of freedom or her party’s (or the Obama government’s) support.

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