Here is Hillary's Full Official Statement on Terror Attack in Dhaka, and No, It Doesn't Mention Islam

Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s Tweet on Friday night about the terror attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

For example, that there’s nothing about radical Islam, that it mentions “fear and hate” in a way that sounds like it is directed at ourselves and not the attackers, and so on.

However, on Saturday afternoon, she issued a complete official statement on the attack. Here it is in its entirety:


So she mentions “radical jihadism” but not radical Islam specifically. That bridge is one Democrats refuse to cross, at this point, more out of obstinate hatred of Republicans than any actual concern of offense.

In this terror attack, the victims were selected based on their lack of knowledge of the Koran. That is to say, if they weren’t sufficiently Muslim, they were hacked apart. That includes an American citizen. Keep in mind that the attack happened on the same day that a Hindu priest was likewise hacked to death by Islamic terrorists wielding machetes. Likewise targeted religiously.

If either were a Christian and those were Bible verses, there is zero doubt that Democrats and Republicans alike would not hesitate to use the words “Bible” or “Christianity. But Democrats cannot say “Koran” or “Islam.” They refuse. They go on the House and Senate floors and insist that ISIS is not Islamic, that somehow saying the word validates them.

As if there is a single Muslim or Muslim terrorist in the world who needs Hillary Clinton’s affirmation of their faith. Calling them what they are is a matter of truth and courage. Two things in short supply on the left. But it is also more than that. If you choose not to say that, if you choose to say “radical jihadism” it’s no loss to the debate. If, on the other hand, you insist on saying it as some sort of political point or out of a misguided sense of protecting some religious minority, then it is a serious problem and one that is rightly exposed by people like Senator Ted Cruz.

So fine, she said more in her statement than she said in her tweet (obviously.) But in this case, more was less. It just highlights the problem. Especially considering the specific events that happened in this specific religious attack committed by Muslim terrorists.

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