WATCH: Ted Cruz BLASTS Disdainful, Dismissive, Disinterested Jerk Jeh Johnson Over Radical Islam

Yesterday, Ted Cruz exposed the Obama administration for their whitewashing of radical Islam in reports and their utter scrubbing of any reference to jihad or Islam in all official documents.


Today, Ted Cruz faced DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, who is far more interested in the scourge of “right wing” Americans than any threat from radical Islam and who was utterly disinterested and dismissive of Cruz’s line of questioning.

This is simply amazing. It is long, but it builds up like symphony.

I have no transcript, it’s too long and typing would take too much away from it. You have to watch this whole thing all the way through to the end. Every second matters.

And there is no point in my taking apart again here the stupid, false, ignorant, fake excuses the Obama administration and its mouthpieces routinely offer up for their cowardly refusal to identify the threat and call things what they are. There is no point, we’ve been over these things so many times.

What is great is watching Senator Cruz tear apart the snooty superiority of one of Obama’s drones. The only thing better would be getting John Kerry’s lurch face in there and exposing that self-styled Imam’s total lack of knowledge about Islam and the Middle East and the military and the enemy.


When liberals pontificate they all use the same source material. They use the same lines and the same words, from Obama on down to has-been radio hacks like Alan Colmes. (And aided, it can’t be said enough, by the self-appointed “smart” and “good” Republican chattering classes.) They like to pretend this is some dumb question for the hicks in the sticks, but it isn’t. It’s a matter of truth and reality and courage and the defense of the United States against a determined enemy. Good for Senator Cruz for not letting them get away with their Orwellian rewrites.


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