Awesome Video: The Three Letters that Liberals Hate the Most

There are three little letters that send liberal idiots into frenzies of stupidity. Three letters that have them wetting their pants and begging for a despot. Can you guess? MRC.TV’s Dan Joseph explains (watch this whole thing, it’s fascinating):


Well of course it’s NRA. Dan points out exactly how stupid they are and have been in the last few weeks. But it’s not a laughing matter when they come for your liberty. Because that is what they intend to do and that is what they are doing. Aided and abetted by the GOP’s nominee.

This video is an excellent history lesson. Especially instructive is the part where Dan lays bare the lie that “nobody is saying” they want to take away your guns. They are saying that, and they have been saying that for a long time.

The Second Amendment is the real battle this election and the real issue behind the next SCOTUS appointment. Everything else comes second.


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