We can’t seriously let Donald Trump become the President of the United States. I mean come on. You’ve made your point, years of betrayal, political correctness, yadda yadda yadda. Got it. The sleeping loudmouth has awakened.


But he can’t be President. It’s madness. Be serious.

We can’t seriously let Hillary Clinton become the President of the United States. Even Bernie Sanders voters knows this. Yes, yes, first woman, waited long enough … I would list more things but I honestly can’t even think of pretend reasons someone would vote for her. She’s a disaster. Even she knows it.

She can’t be President. She’s dangerous and dishonest.

So no Trump. No Hillary. Settled. But there comes a time when you have to decide who you are going to vote for, not just who you aren’t.

I was in Washington, DC this weekend for a conference hosted by Freedomworks. On Sunday, family in tow, I visited the Jefferson Memorial, as I have many times before. As one cannot help but do, I read (what are mostly) Jefferson’s words inscribed high on those walls in that shrine to our American philosophy. Only this time, it struck me that each of those ideas must bear on our decision every time we vote. Every time. This is why we vote. And Jefferson’s words help us to see what we should vote for. What we should vote for, and what we should not. I thought of what our founders envisioned. Thomas Jefferson authored the basis for our way of life. As I pondered this, I realized the only decision Jefferson would make in 2016.


When it comes down to it, when it comes to the Supreme Court appointment, when it comes down to the message we send, when it comes down finally to where to put your faith when you’re standing in the voting booth in November, I can only see myself voting for Gary Johnson.

#NeverTrump. #NeverHillary. #AlwaysLiberty

It is not simply a matter of not voting for Trump or Hillary. Even if there is a delegate revolt, even if there is a sudden change and the GOP comes to their senses, even if that change is to the honorable and admirable Senator Ted Cruz, I have no intention of revisiting my opinion. I’m voting for Gary Johnson. Because I believe he’ll strive for more liberty, less government, a good Supreme Court, and because the GOP and the DNC can’t be trusted to do any of those things. And the GOP doesn’t deserve my vote anymore, even with a good candidate.

Now you may say in objection to Johnson “but what about this policy?” or “what about that thing he said,” but to you I say “I can’t hear you over the sound of my voting for Gary Johnson.” Or you might say “but he can’t win the election” or “his party is too weird and doesn’t have mainstream ideas” and to that, I say “I said I can’t hear you lah lah lah” and vote for Gary Johnson.


Because that is what we do now, that is what Trump and Hillary voters do, and if you can’t change it, do it.

Trump fans, and Trump enablers, have made very clear that you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so when it comes to policy differences between myself and the Libertarian ticket, I will fall back on the same arguments they are making. 1) Hillary is Hillary and you can’t vote for her. 2) We need a Supreme Court nominee who will protect the Second Amendment and religious freedom and revere the Constitution and 3) The Republicans have to learn a lesson this year.

Oh yes, I think that too, Trump fans. I was told to swallow the pill many times before. It’s not just at the Presidential level, either. Remember Mississippi? Remember Bevin in Kentucky? I can think of a thousand times the establishment, both in the party and in the opinion industry, insisted on my eating porridge for the party. Ironically, it is now Trump fans demanding the same thing. Hold my nose. Support the GOP.


And I hear Trump fans talking about winning, and how we must win, and how Trump can win, and how this election it is so important to win. Yes, I remember the other GOP saying the same thing in 2012. Sorry, Trump voters, but no sale. I don’t know why you’ve embraced “electability” just months after you said “electability” was a garbage idea, but you can’t convince me of it any more than the last establishment could. (Also I do know exactly why you’ve flipped on it, and so do you. Because this time it’s your electable guy.)


You cannot convince me that I should vote for someone to be President who is an opportunistic, egomaniacal, deceitful, dishonest person who does not revere God, our history, our Constitution, or our liberty.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men. We… solemnly publish and declare, that these colonies are and of right ought to be free and independent states… And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

Liberty has not been an election issue. Let us not forget that the principle of limiting government isn’t merely some dusty chestnut of ideological purity, it is the path to creating the free individual. We believe in a small and limited government in order that man be more free, more equal, and more able to pursue his own happiness. Do you not believe that Americans should be able to pursue happy lives, the way they see fit, with minimal interference and as few restrictions as we can reasonably hold?

If you do then liberty should be an issue every election. It was a paramount issue for those who created this remarkable nation. Liberty matters. It is your liberty that is at stake, and yours that is at risk when government expands and the power of those in government increases. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have any interest in limiting that authority. They make no argument for it. Neither party has been making the argument for it. Isn’t that why we had the Tea Party?


And as for Trump: even when attempting to hold a Republican position such as the right to bear arms, he does not argue from a place that respects the freedom and liberty of the individual. That is why he ends up on the same side as liberals, attacking the NRA and demanding we revoke liberty in the name of security using secret, unchecked government power.

No, you cannot convince me to vote for one of two evils. There is no “lesser” between them. I refuse to be a party to the ascension to power of a proto-dictator. I won’t do it.

I’m voting for Gary Johnson. I’m voting Libertarian. Because I’m voting for liberty. And because the GOP needs to learn a lesson. And because Donald Trump disgusts me. And because Hillary Clinton is a liar and betrayer of Americans. And because it’s about sending a message about what we believe in. And also, importantly, because “lah lah lah, I can’t hear your objection, lah lah lah.”

But then again, maybe I’ll just suddenly change my mind and vote for someone else. It’s a free country. (Get it??)

Now pardon me, I’m putting my fingers in my ears and stomping my feet for a while.

I have neither been asked nor instructed to add a disclaimer, but I am anyway. This is my own opinion and does not represent the opinion of RedState, the other writers at RedState, any actual Red States, or my dumb younger brother. Please direct all praise to @CalebHowe on Twitter, or to Conversely, please direct all complaints to @TheBrandonMorse. I just feel like he needs some complaints.



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