Your Sunday Morning Weekly Poll Results: The Double Digit Divide Endures


It’s June 26, and this is your Sunday Morning Poll Results Roundup and Doom Delivery! This week, Americans refocus after Orlando, sort out who thinks what about guns, and “I’M THE LESSON OF #BREXIT YOU GUYS!!!!!11!!”, says everyone everywhere. How does it play out? Find out now!


Here we go …
Reuters Daily Poll

The Reuters/Ipsos Daily tracking on Trump vs. Clinton (animated GIF):

As you can see Hillary continues to dominate, finishing the week’s resuls with a strong 13 point lead. That’s after the Democrats broke the rules to put on a show on the House floor and that’s after Trump took credit for Brexit and Hillary explained how it was all about confusing things. She just keeps killing him in the daily results.

Reuters also has the latest numbers out for the race including independents and third party candidates. Hillary still leads by 9.

With Hillary up 7 over Trump, this detailed poll is best explained by the University itself.

In a head-to-head contest for president, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 points among registered voters and by 8 points among likely voters. The Democrat’s lead shrinks by a point when potential third party support is taken into account. Both major party nominees remain unpopular, but more voters say it is important to keep Trump rather than Clinton out of the White House. The latest Monmouth University Poll also finds that attitudes towards terrorism and the Republican nominee’s proposed Muslim ban have not changed much since the Orlando tragedy.

Currently, Clinton holds a 7 point lead in a direct match-up against Trump – 47% to 40% among registered voters nationally. Among those who are likely to cast ballots in November, the Democrat’s edge expands to 49%–41%. Importantly, Clinton holds a 47% to 39% lead in the all-important swing states – ten states where the winning margin in the 2012 election was less than seven points.


It also show that independents split 42% for Clinton and 37% for Trump. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and leading Green Party candidate Jill Stein slightly shrink Clinton’s lead to 6 points among registered voters, with Johnson earning 9% and Stein getting 4%. Hillary is up by 7 over Donald in the 4-person match.

On Tuesday we found that, despite a somewhat narrowing margin, a very unpopular and untrusted Hillary remains well ahead of a very unpopular and almost universally disliked Donald Trump.

Read more about the how and why here.

On Thursday, Rasmussen’s latest has Hillary keeping her 5 point lead of Trump, repeating last week’s spread.


Both of them have lost support from inside their own party in this week’s Rasmussen results, but Hillary still polls ten points higher among Democrats than Trump does among Republicans. With Democrats not only blowing it on Orlando, but putting on a ridiculous stunt on the House floor, nevertheless Trump lost major public figures and lost support in his own party. It’s hard to imagine a Republican who could have done so dismally after recent events. Only Trump is this terrible.

On Wednesday the Economist/YouGov poll came out with a 4 point lead for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.


That’s a one point drop for Hillary, a two point drop for Trump, and the first of their ongoing polling to feature Libertarian Gary Johnson by name.


RCP Average
This week the RCP Average stands has Hillary Clinton up by 5.9, at 45.3 to Donald Trump’s 39.4. That’s virtually no change over last week.

And that’s the poll update for Sunday, June 26. Hillary still has the lead over Trump, and even with Gary Johnson in the mix she stays ahead. The daily tracking shows Hillary still very much ahead and gaining. As noted above, Trump has proven uniquely capable of squandering bad Democrat news into bad Republican polling. That’s the result of his mouth continuing to open and words continuing to come out of it. No matter the damage control or backtracking by those managing, handling, or apologizing for him, people just don’t like him. They don’t like Hillary either, but they don’t like Trump even more.


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