Take Away Your Guns? Nobody Is Saying That!

There are a few techniques that every liberal, either by design or nature, fall back on constantly. I know a lot of people see Rules for Radicals in it, but I suspect there is a great deal of Scorpion and Frog in it too. It’s just their nature. One of those techniques is to say “nobody is saying that.”


Take a look at Obamacare. If, a few years ago, you said that Obamacare would be used to force actual churches to pay for actual abortions, liberals would chuckle wisely at you and say “nobody is suggesting that.” But it’s obvious you will use the birth control mandate to .. “hush now, nobody is saying that. Nobody intends to do that.”

But they did.

When Social Security numbers were introduced, there were people who feared it would be used as national identification system, a way for the government to identify and keep track of everything we do. Nobody is saying that, said the proponents of the plan. In fact the cards even had a warning printed on them saying it was not to be used for identification purposes. Because nobody was saying we should have a national system for identifying and tracking citizens. Except we did. And now we do.

They always say “nobody is saying that.” Then they say “Well nobody of consequence is saying that.” And then they say “well only a few people are saying that.” And then they say “there’s a mandate, get on board” and issue executive orders and hold filibusters and meet with the NRA.

Because now, what nobody is saying is that they want to take away guns. Nobody is saying that. Nobody is saying that they want to limit private ownership to hunting rifles, or that they want to limit where you can have a gun to only in your home or in pre-approved sporting locations. Nobody is saying that they want to get rid of gun shows. Nobody is saying that due process doesn’t matter. Nobody is saying to scrap the Second Amendment.


Of course, you have to wonder about someone who predicts that privately owned guns will kill millions or are deadlier than war but doesn’t want to be rid of them. It’s almost like their rhetoric demands guns be taken away, but they just don’t say those exact words for some mysterious reason.


Still, nobody is saying gun ownership should be abolished or guns “confiscated“. “Nobody is saying that.” Nobody of consequence, anyway. Not yet.

But they’re thinking it.


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