WATCH: Josh Earnest Literally LOLs at Idea Obama Should Call Radical Islamic Terror Radical and Islamic

In an interview on CNN today, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest thought it was hilarious that people think Obama should be unafraid of calling radical Islamic terror what it is.


I would offer you a transcript, but it’s the same tired talking points and lies that he always uses. For example, he says “using the term radical Islamic extremism is not a counter-terrorism strategy it is a political talking point, plain and simple.” It’s a total straw man argument since no one said it was a “strategy” in the first place. Another example: the lie that Republicans have no strategy for dealing with terror. This requires no disproof, Republicans were dealing with terrorism, and effectively, while Obama was still doing the fake job of “community organizing.”

You know what else? Before we go further, let’s just all keep in mind these are the same Democrats go nuts if you don’t “call out” racism and call it what it is.

This dance is getting old. If words have no power then why not use them, I might ask if they hadn’t dodged the question a million times already. Yawn.


It’s almost boring now to point out that failing to recognize and identify the threat is just the beginning of failing to deal with it. It’s almost mundane to belabor the self-evident point that you must be willing to confront an enemy in both word and deed, that one must fight both physically and philosophically, that renunciation can only happen when there is something to renounce. It’s almost dull.

It’s almost not even worth noting that being afraid to say the words is cowardice, “plain and simple.”



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