Watch: Jeff Sessions Tries To Walk Line Between Trump's Gun Ban and Constitution: FAILS

Being a Trump supporter is a tough job, as we have noted many times here at RedState. Sen. Jeff Sessions has really had a rough time of it, trying to mold conservative principles and philosophy to match Trump’s wild pronouncements.


In the latest example, Sessions tries to reconcile Trump’s gun ban dreams with the protections Americans are afforded under the Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

And he fails spectacularly.

We know the list may contain innocent Americans, but we definitely want to prevent people on them from having guns, so we think they should be allowed to ask if they an get off the lists if they shouldn’t have been on them. Problem solved!

So let me get this straight, your strategy is “guilty until proven innocent”??

I’ll give you this, it sure sounds like a Trump solution. We’ll deprive you of your rights, but you can totally ask us to stop though.



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