Brave Man Endures AR-15 Recoil to the FACE to Show How Traumatic It Really Is (VIDEO)

By now you’ve surely heard the sad tale of woe and whoa! shared by Gersh Kuntzman of the NY Daily News. He’s the reporter who claimed the AR-15 traumatized him, gave him PTSD, and bruised him unmerciful.

Since then we’ve seen a lot of response videos, but no one endured more AR-15 trauma than Chris Waller of Voodoo Custom Weapons in Salisbury, NC.

Are you ready? Be tough, be strong, and watch:

Kuntzman. You’re caught. You tried to sell a lie to achieve your goal of demonizing the AR-15. A mildly clever idea, to make it hard on the shooter. Slightly novel. But you’ve been outed by little girls and Chris Waller’s nose. Give it up. Nobody is buying it.

They are buying AR-15s though. In huge numbers.

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