Trump Doubles Down on his Support for Democrat Filibuster Subject 'No Fly, No Buy' (VIDEO)

Today Donald Trump went all in, again, in support of the “No Fly, No Buy” plan that Democrats are pushing and filibustering about in the wake of the Orlando terror attack. Speaking with ABC’s Jon Karl in an interview that will air Sunday morning, Trump said “it’s just simpler.”


After affirming that he supports a policy of preventing gun purchases for people the “No Fly” list, and acknowledging (but glossing over) that there are huge problems with this, Trump adds as some sort of apparent reasoning “we have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns.”

A fine, non-specific sentiment that has nothing to do with what he’s supporting. As has been noted at length here at RedState and in most other places where civil liberties, the Constitution broadly, and the Second Amendment specifically are respected, this is a terrible, precedent-setting, oppressive government point of view that Donald Trump wholeheartedly shares with the filibustering, gun-controller Democrats. And he doesn’t even know what the No Fly list actually is.

What’s even worse is that, like Politico’s Azi Paybarah, he completely minimizes the notion that protecting due process or Second Amendment freedom is something that even matters.

Now, but what they say, and I understand that also, is the Second Amendment, they’re depriving them of those rights. And that it could be that people are on there that shouldn’t be on, you know, etc. etc.


He waves off the very real problem of people being on the no fly list who are not only citizens and therefore guaranteed a right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, but who are not remotely associated or “inclined” to terrorism. Trump is just swallowing and regurgitating MSM lies that we discussed this morning here at RedState.

Coming out as a gun control softie is not smart at any stage of an election for a Republican, but it’s lunatic for the presumptive nominee to do before the convention has even taken place. He is way off the reservation here, even for him.

One can only hope those who huffed from Trump’s bag realize that smell they are smelling is poison.


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