Here Are Four Lies the Media Has Been Telling You Since the Orlando Attack

The media, in coordination with the White House and the political, election-year agenda of the Democrats running for office, has been in full blitz mode this week, following the terror attack in Orlando. As part of the hard sell on that agenda, they’ve told a whole host of whoppers, totally bald-faced, to trick people into agreeing with them and going along with their goals.


Among those many lies, four really stand out. Here they are, in all their ignominy.

1) The Terror Watch List is made up of shady foreigners:
The question they like to ask, exemplified by Chris Matthews of MSNBC, is ‘why would you want to protect the gun rights of people who aren’t citizens and therefore not protected by the constitution anyway?’

A total ruse. In fact, getting on a list is not that hard, as Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard and Fox News found out when he was put on the list because he went on a cruise. The ACLU reports that people are put on watch lists erroneously all the time. Even Department of Homeland Security employees are on a list; 72 of them.

There are reportedly nearly 94,000 people on these lists who are United States citizens. That’s a whole lot of people to take constitutional freedoms away from without a hearing or even any sort of proceeding at all.

2) It’s totally easy and legal to buy and sell guns illegally:

This is a really dumb, really big lie. In streiff’s story linked above, we find out that a CBS reporter tried to prove that anyone can legally buy a gun under false pretenses (and then sell it, for some reason). Their reporter bought a gun, after passing a background check, then transported it, and sold it. A “straw” purchase. You know, a crime. In fact, the CBS reporter is being investigated for that crime.

And what about gun show loopholes? Ask Steven Crowder, who used an undercover camera to try to buy guns without passing a background check through that loophole.

Question, if you have a law, and then someone breaks that law, is the solution to make an additional law making that illegal thing illegal again?

3) Acting alone means this had nothing to do with ISIS.

There are many angles on this one. Liberals and the media have tried blaming not only guns, but Christians, Republicans … basically any target they can aim at that can’t be abbreviated ISIS. But the truth is, Mateen was acting exactly in accordance with his religious declarations of faith, his stated loyalties, and instructions set forth by ISIS. Instructions that were followed in France just a day later, I might add. As we saw with Alton Nolan and Nidal Hasan, the pattern of these terror acts is not mysterious. It is perfectly, transparently in keeping with radical Islamic jihad and the terror goals of groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. They are literally following templates that have been distributed by the groups to get people to do these exact things, with religion as the motivation. Being alone doesn’t mean acting alone.

Oh and by the way he didn’t act alone.


4) There is a singular Terror Watch List.

That’s right. There’s no such thing as The Terror Watch List. There are many lists. What we actually have is a Terrorist Screening Database. There is a no-fly list, which is a subset of that database. Those many lists have a variety of criteria and are rife with errors, in a constant state of flux, or don’t include a hearing for the person placed on them. Remember when Department of Homeland Security classified veterans returning from war, people who are pro-Second Amendment, and people who believe in small government as potential threats? Imagine who can make these mysterious lists in this murky database now that there is a media and political frenzy going on. Might you be added to the list? Rather, to a list?

The purpose of these lists is obvious, and watching potential terrorists is necessary. And a no-fly list may have errors, or be too easy to get on or too hard to get off, but flying on a commercial airline is not a constitutional freedom. Bearing arms is. That’s a critical point. It’s one the Democrats and the media don’t care about. But American citizens ought to care about such things, because eroding your freedoms, your very right to due process under the law, is the result of the frenzy they are selling as mere common sense. Which is, of course, usually the case when it comes to gun grabbers.


These are pretty big ones, and they aren’t even the only lies being told by the media this week. The Democrats are determined to limit freedom, hell or high water, so they can appear to be “doing something” and gain electoral cachet this year. The question we normally suggest people ask is “who benefits” but we know the answer to that.

The question to ask yourself this year is “Who suffers.” It might be you.



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