INSANE: Liberal ThinkProgress Literally Says A GUN "Committed" the Terror Attack in Orlando

Huge if true: Think Progress reports that a gun became sentient, stormed a nightclub, and killed 50 people all by itself.


Folks, they are simply, absolutely, totally out of their ever-loving minds. This is the dumbest possible thing.

A gun cannot commit a crime. This is a fact of science and law. A person commits a crime. In this case, we even know the name of the person. And we even know what he himself declared as his reason for committing the crime. The gun did not make any claims. The gun did not swear allegiance to anyone. The gun does not have a birth certificate. It does not have parents from Afghanistan.

The gun is not a person. The gun has no religion. Oh wait, NOW I see why they are saying that. Both gays and Muslims are on the liberal list of aggrieved persons who must be used for votes. Liberals can’t pick sides between them.

So they say the most absurd thing ever. That an inanimate object committed a crime. I mean, they don’t suggest it, I’m not rephrasing it. They literally say the gun did it.

I can’t. I have run out of. There’s nothing. Speechless.

God help us all.

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