BREAKING: L.A. Pride Parade Suspect Identified, Was Carrying Explosives, "Wanted to Harm" Event Say Police

From Twitter
From Twitter

Police have identified the man who was arrested in Los Angeles ahead of West Hollywood’s Pride Parade as James Howell of Indiana, but did not describe him further and did not offer motives.

Howell was arrested with multiple weapons as well as explosive materials. Police say the man “wanted to harm” the parade.

The suspect’s car, a white Acura, is being searched by police. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Santa Monica police spokesman Saul Rodriguez said detectives are “not aware of what the suspect’s intentions were at this point.”

Neighbors called police after he was spotted knocking on doors and “loitering in the area,” Rodriguez said.

Santa Monica police continued to search the suspect’s white Acura on Sunday morning. All four of the car’s doors were open and a green blanket, red gasoline canister and several other smaller items were being piled on the sidewalk next to it.

It is still believed there is no connection between this suspect and the shooter in the Orlando terror attack. This is a developing story and we will update as needed.

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