Jeff Sessions: Thank God Trump is Going to Shut the Heck Up

Sen. Jeff Sessions, like a lot of Trump endorsers, has been feeling the heat ever since making his decision to jump aboard. That heat is not the result of some vast conspiracy, but rather from his chosen candidate’s propensity for opening mouth and inserting foot; the latest example, of course, being his remarks about Judge Curiel.

However, Sessions sees some relief in his future.

What you see between the lines there is genuine relief. Those who have endorsed him need to shut the hell up about the Judge. He looks ridiculous. I don’t know if he’s buying in to the adoration from his alt-right legions, but they are not a representative sample and he shouldn’t. And unlike Donald, these members of the House and Senate not only have their future to think about, they have their day to day interactions with constituents to consider.

But Senator Sessions is dreaming if he thinks that puts to bed the problem. There will be a thousand times a thousand more situations where they’ll have to choose between trashing Trump, or trashing their careers. Because the choice they made. And this is what living with it looks like.

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