IT BEGINS: Media Gives Hillary the Obama Treatment, Turns Her Into a Glowing Goddess of Light


The gloves are off and the star-shaped, rainbow-tinted glasses are on for the mainstream media, as it has finally become hagiography o’clock. Hillary Clinton is not only now the very first woman to be the presumptive nominee of a major party in the United States, but she’s The Democrat that everyone must now adore as the only sane choice in the race. She’s the new The One.

Bitch is the new black, y’all.

To that end, the media have begun the fawning “narrative” that will become the background texture of all our lives. It’s not just the news channels, it’s the talk shows and the local news and the radio shows and the entertainment magazines and even the teachers standing at the front of your kid’s classroom. Just like 2008. But in a pantsuit instead of mom jeans.

Take, for example, this not too subtle glowing angel of female achievement viewers of CNN’s New Day were treated to this morning.

h/t Chris Plante, WMAL

The liberal media and the progressive left will be quick to tell you this is nothing but a creative transition choice, but you and I know what that golden goddess moment was.

And they know too, of course. They’ve been waiting for it. Although some couldn’t wait, like this emotional NPR reporter who lays it on so thick her question is considered to be the greatest achievement in materials science this century.

via Newsbusters

I feel the weight, too. It’s the heavy-handed drama worthy of Nicholas Sparks that they’re loading into the airwaves. And not just the airwaves, the old stand-by for stupidity, Twitter, was chock full of this last night. You may expect it from Clinton surrogates ….


… and celebrities …


… and even regular folk …

But the actual news?


Here’s the video from that tweet:

First of all, I don’t see anyone putting up dramatic re-tellings of the story of Orange People now that Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, but second of all, while the fact that she is historically the first female nominee is noteworthy, it is undeniable that this worship of her place in history is a biased telling.

Where are the dramatic Nightly News videos showing kids finding out that the first female nominee is being investigated, that people who worked for her are invoking the fifth, that she’s repeatedly been the central figure in serious scandals? Let’s hear some 8-year-olds talk about that.

Also, where is the perspective? Hillary and her enablers keep repeating the line that “finally we can tell girls that they, too, can grow up to be President.” Well they already could! They just haven’t yet. It’s not 1956 out there. Obviously women already could be President. Hillary ran for the office in 2008. Is the implication that Obama was only elected because of sexism? Is that what they are saying? Until this year, no father could tell his daughter she could be President. Why? Because the first black President kept her down and oppressed her?


But this is only the beginning. There will be so much more. Indeed, there already has been, but I’ve run out of time, space, and your attention. But before you go, I want you to remember the historic significance of this moment.

This is the first time in history that a female presumptive nominee of a major party in a Presidential race had a videos and tweets about them mocked at RedState. You can tell your kids, and they can tell theirs, you were there.

*P.S. Some bubble-bursting:

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