BURN: Trump PAC Puts Out AWESOME Anti-Hillary Ad

Well I’ll say one thing. The fact that it is Hillary vs. Trump is already pushing everyone’s attack game to new levels. This one from pro-Trump Rebuilding America is a smack in Hillary’s face. Although it apparently came out first, it’s a good counterpunch to the wickedly good anti-Trump ad put out by a pro-Hillary PAC that we highlighted yesterday.

All caught up? Good, now watch:

That’s putting her mouth right where his lies were.

Pundits think harping on Bill is a bad strategy, but there are literally millions of Republicans and OTHER out there who remember all too well what Bill Clinton was, and seeing the 2.0 Version, Now with NEW Gender!, is not a welcome sight. Smart, tough ad. And a good reminder of just who it is the Dems are choosing in California, New Jersey and elsewhere today.

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