BAD DAY: California Voters Face Tough, Ugly, Socialist, Criminal Choices Today


You gotta feel bad for California. I don’t just mean on election days, it’s a general rule. When they aren’t falling into the ocean they’re being crushed by liberal policies and oppressive government or being pushed around by pseudo-hippies and illegal immigrants. It’s not pretty. But today, in particular, you’ve gotta feel some sympathy for their primary voters.

Look what’s on offer for the Democrats. On one hand, you’ve got Madame Entitled, oh she of criminal intent, with her loose emails, her looser server, and her even looser husband. And on the other you have Señor Ancient, he who would take your check and pass it around, with his deodorant complaints and his global apocalypse prophecy. That is not a fun day at the ballot box, friends.

Hillary the Hypocrite, we found out on Monday, wore a $12,000 Armani jacket to give a speech about income inequality. Not a very good pitch.

Bernie the Alarmist held a press conference with Susan Sarandon to declare (again) that the future of the planet is at stake in this election. The PLANET is at risk if he’s not elected. Not a very sane speech.

And there’s so much more.

Just this week, Hillary Clinton questioned whether the Constitution is correct about itself, and just a week earlier Bernie Sanders was struck speechless about the total collapse of Venezuela under his preferred governmental philosophy. Both are examples of terrible judgment, lack of savvy, and antipathy toward you and your way of life. And by you, I mean Americans. And by your way of life, I mean everything in your life.

If you put them together, they are the take away ticket. They’ll take away your guns. They’ll take away your money. They’ll take away your SUVs. They’ll take away your bathroom privacy. But hey, they’ll give you free college right? Nahhhh.

Yeah, it’s a lousy day to live in California. And New Jersey, too, by the way. And New Mexico. And Montana. And … well you get the idea.

Not that any of it matters, really. The MSM has declared Hillary the victor, although the voting is not over and Bernie has not dropped out. That “clinching” is based on those Super Delegates you’ve heard so much about. They made the announcement right before the HUGE amount of real delegates go up for a vote today. Convenient for Hillary, that. Now the news can spend the whole morning blabbing about how monumentally historically epic it is that a major party has a female nominee for the first time ever!!!!! Surely that won’t discourage any possible Bernie voters, right? Right??

She will be the nominee, that’s for darn sure, and the media is super jazzed about it. But don’t let’s forget who she is. She’s the worst. The worst thing. Well, except for one thing.

Of course, if you’re really discouraged by your two lousy choices, Democrat voters, the GOP primary is still going on. There’s one Republican candidate left.

Oh, did we mention it’s Donald Trump? Yeah. It’s Donald Trump. Sorry.

So that’s that then. No relief. It sucks to live in California today. No two three ways about it.

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