OUCH: This Brutal Anti-Trump Ad Will Hurt Him with the Unconverted

Hillary PAC Priorities USA has a new ad out today that brings up a topic we haven’t heard about in a while: Trump mocking a disabled reporter. The video, titled “Grace”, is extremely effective:


Since I assume you are a human being and not a piece of crap, you don’t need an explanation of why this is an effective ad. But if you want to know about it from a political perspective, nobody reviewed this video better than Rick Wilson, in the tweets you see below. But first, let’s note that Hillary and her supporters would probably have rather seen this baby aborted. They have no moral high ground. But the ad will work anyway. Here’s Wilson on why:


It’s a smart ad for a pro-Hillary group, and there will be sooooooooo many more. The ground is fertile. The thing that makes this so easy for Hillary and for a PAC supporting Hillary is they don’t even have to address policy. They don’t even have to highlight differences on issues. They can show Trump acting like a jackass for months without repeating themselves. And it will absolutely hurt him.

Good job, GOP voters!



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