Trump Flips (Of Course): Nevermind, I Totally Like Mexican New Mexico Gov. Martinez and Whatever

Donald Trump, in a recent childish temper tantrum over Gov. Susana Martinez failing to adequately praise and endorse him, trashed her to an audience of her constituents as some kind of petty tyrant payback system. But now, maybe because everyone is noticing him hating Mexicans for having the wrong genetics, he’s suddenly flip-flopping and looking for her support. Because of integrity and whatnot.


The Santa Fe New Mexican reports (via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air):

In a stunning reversal of rhetoric and tone, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday said he respects New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and wants her endorsement. Trump’s comments in a phone interview with The New Mexican came just days after he castigated Martinez in front of 8,000 people in Albuquerque, saying her job performance was so poor that he might have to run for governor of New Mexico.

Trump’s criticisms of Martinez turned to praise Thursday, signs of their monthslong war thawing to a détente.

“I’d like to have it,” Trump said in a phone interview when asked if he wanted Martinez’s support. “I respect her. I have always liked her.”

Remember, this wasn’t just an off-hand comment he made when attacking her. Trump went on an extensive rant against Martinez, trashing her governance and suggesting he should run for Governor to fix the state that she had failed.

Oh and nearly everything he said was incorrect or false.

But Martinez is head of the Republican Governor’s Association and a female Republican of Mexican descent and Trump wants and needs her endorsement. So now he’s revised history to claim that he’s always liked and respected her. Because Trump can make such outrageously false claims without consequence. Because his base of voters are jerks.


Ed also includes video of the Governor, who lays out what Trump must do to earn her support. It’s things that she believes would benefit her state, but surely if you suggest to a Trump voter that he must “earn” her support they’ll flip out about how he’s owed it and maybe make a disparaging comment about Hispanic people to cap it off. Go ahead and give it a try! Although, it’s hard to conceive of her the leap, given what Trump says we know of how Mexicans think:

Trump’s slogan should be: He hates you unless you might be able to benefit him. What a piece of work.



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