The Libertarian Party Has Chosen Their Nominee Against Trump and Hillary, and He's A Familiar Face

Today the Libertarian Party is wrapping up their national convention, and this afternoon they chose their nominee to run for President of the United States against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This is expected to be the most high profile Libertarian run in some time, and some are hoping he’ll be a spoiler against Trump. He may seem familiar to some of you, he’s their nominee from the last election: Gary Johnson.


“There is a real possibility that we can achieve major party status in this country,” said Johnson. “Imagine what a dream that was in 2012.”

Johnson is a former Governor of New Mexico. He won on a second ballot, defeating Austin Petersen, who had a strong grassroots support behind him as well.

Johnson’s running mate is Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts. With two governors and one who has previously run for President, the pair has the most gravitas and experience on a Libertarian ticket in memory, especially as it pertains to raising money. They are expecting to raise millions and have reportedly reached out to the Koch brothers, who lean libertarian (as opposed to specifically conservative) themselves.

Right now, money and polling are the primary objective. If they can raise money, and do well enough to make the Presidential debates, they can have a serious effect on the election. If they can’t do both of those things, they won’t have much impact at all. With many of their own faithful and their own activists hotly opposed to both men, and the weight of being historically inconsequential, it’s no easy feat.



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