Get Over It: Some Republicans Just Will Not Vote for Donald Trump


In the last couple of days, Donald Trump has bashed Republican border Governor Susanna Martinez, who is also chair of the Republican Governor’s Association, has mocked Rick Perry for endorsing him (FOR ENDORSING HIM), bashed Gov. Nikki Haley, made fun of Gov. Jeb Bush, and attacked Gov. Mitt Romney. He really hates Republican governors I guess.


But unity, you guys.

Trump has also admitted he used to use aliases, including Barron, which was the alias a reporter recently revealed Trump used to pretend to be his own publicist. This is after, and WHILE, denying he did it. He also waffled on trans bathroom edicts, he fired his own campaign director over a squabble, and his campaign lied about a pending Paul Ryan endorsement.

That’s just the last two days. Yet from among the bloggers and pundits and thinkers and writers and talking heads, do you hear the troops coming together to object to this duplicity, these betrayals? Are big shot bloggers and columnists spending their time demanding that our nominee, our supposed party leader, our standard bearer stand by his word? Insisting that he focus on the enemy for the sake of the election and stop bashing other Republicans?

No. They’re whining about #NeverTrump.

Every day the exhortations are made. Long-winded and pointless, they can all be summed up pretty easily as “hey he’s not Hillary.” That’s a fine rationale for yourself, but it hardly requires hourly reiteration in the thousand word range. We get it. You’re very pragmatic. You’re very realistic. We’re very impressed.

Dennis Prager put out his plea. We’ve heard from David Horowitz as well. Notorious idjit Eric Bolling stomps his fat feet about it. Hannity. The list goes on. Bloggers too. In the tiny world of political blogger Twitter there was a virtual Antietam after the popular and widely-read writer and blogger Ace of Spades blisteringly scolded #NeverTrump.


Aside from big picture “not Hillary”, the other objections they make are mostly unrelated to Trump himself. They’re designed more as attacks on the #NeverTrump people as individuals. The important folks are accused of being on the take from mysterious anti-Trump financiers. They are accused of being totally irrelevant (raising the obvious question of “why do you bother writing about it then?”). They are accused of living in the incorrect zip code or consorting with liberals or, and you’ve surely heard this one a thousand times, “virtue-signaling.”

A lot of these are also thrown at the not-famous ones. Bloggers, Tweeters, everyday voters. If you aren’t FOR Trump, you must have some gross, unseemly, ulterior motive. Well I think it’s about time to turn that table around and question your motives, #NeverTrump bashers.

How about power-seeking? Look at Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Ann Coulter. Or how about access? Breitbart anyone? Can anyone doubt that there are fierce advocates out there right now counting on being “insiders” in a Trump administration? To have news to break, leads to chase, exclusives and interviews and … well, yes, access? How about the contrarian impulse? Or the desire to prove how intellectually Darwinian you can be?

Or maybe you can’t accept that someone just won’t sell out for Trump because then you have to admit that you have.

Trump is not Hillary Clinton. Hooray. We heard you a thousand times state this obvious fact. But many people, myself included, believe that just because he is bad in different ways doesn’t mean he’s not equally bad. I don’t want to die of machete wound or ebola, you feel? Two different things can both be terrible. Some of you claim to have made a value judgment that Hillary is worse for America than Trump. Fine. Go with that. But not everyone agrees.


Some people think Hillary will do less damage to the country, or at least to the prospects for conservatives in the future, than Donald. I don’t buy that either, but fine. Go with that.

Some of us think they both represent a horrible, gruesome, ebola machete. Me, I don’t make choices like that. I don’t believe in the Kobayashi Maru. Frankly, I’m holding out hope for a third party. If that doesn’t happen, well …

I’ll tell you this: We’re each going to step into that little booth in November. I don’t know what I’ll do at that moment, I only know what I won’t do. I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and I won’t vote for Donald Trump. And it’s not because of some silly, trivial thing like “virtue-signaling” (as if anyone gives a crap about my virtue) or because of liberal co-workers or friends or because Erick Erickson slipped me a mickey. It’s because it’s my vote, and I choose not to use it for them. I choose not to cooperate. If necessary, I’ll abstain.

Not that anyone cares.

Many folks don’t agree with abstaining, either. But you aren’t going to change our minds by ranting about cliques or writing dramatic entreaties about saving America from Hillary.

Do something better with your time. Why spill your words holding #NeverTrump feet to the fire? Maybe hold the nominee’s there instead. Maybe do what conservative media and activist blogging and writing are here to do: keep politicians in line. If you all gather your voices and stop reinforcing for Donald that he can do or say what he wants with no consequences, then maybe he’ll act like someone who has to face consequences. Isn’t that, after all, what voting is about? Choosing someone who represents your beliefs, and holding them accountable when they don’t?


Go do that. It’s a better use of your time.

You know, unless you’re just on the take.


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