BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Accepts Trump's Challenge to Debate Before California Primary

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Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night on ABC, and both made and sparked news. For one thing, he challenged Senator Bernie Sanders to a debate. Shortly afterward, Bernie accepted the challenge and Tweeted about it, saying “game on.”



From CBS:

Kimmel asked Trump if he’d be willing to debate Sanders, given that Hillary Clinton had turned her primary opponent down for a California debate. Trump declared he would — as long as the proceeds go to charity.

As he accepted the hypothetical debate, Trump asked, perhaps jokingly, how much Sanders would be willing to pay him — for charity — then conceded that it would be fine if a network were willing to put up the money. Trump also said he has never met Sanders.

This is terrific news for people who think that the campaign should be a more hilarious cluster than it already is. The amount of gesturing and making of crazy faces on that stage will be near critical mass. It could only be exceeded by throwing Kasich in the mix. Frankly I embrace this idea and I think whichever network airs it should really step up and keep with the theme. I’m talking dancing girls, maybe a magician, one of those people from the San Diego zoo who tells you about snakes. Also there should be a swimsuit round, and the whole thing should be interspersed with one-on-one interviews with the candidates talking about what happened during the debate like they do on Hell’s Next Top Kitchen Survivor or whatever.


I predict that if the debate does take place, Trump fans will say that he won, Bernie fans will say that he won, and in reality, Hillary will win.

It’s a spectactle, kids. Just get your popcorn, have a seat on the nuclear weapon, and ride that sucker on in.



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