Looks Like Trump Has Found Ben Carson's New Job: Selling Trump as a Christian

Donald had to fire Dr. Carson from his post as Vice President picker, but only because he was terrible at it and also Trump has no respect for him. But they’re stuck together, and it looks like Trump has found a new job for the former candidate: Christianity.


If you’re a Christian, you’ve probably noticed that Donald Trump is terrible at pretending to be a Christian. He can’t properly quote the Bible, say the names of books of the Bible, or do the things the Bible tells us to do like ask for forgiveness. So Trump is teaming up with the far more believable Dr. Carson for this upcoming faith event:


Time wrote about the event last week before the campaign had confirmed:

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson is working with Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, and Bill Dallas, who leads United in Purpose, to plan a closed-door session for about 400 social conservative leaders to meet with Trump in the coming weeks in New York City. A broader steering group of about 20 people includes people like American Values president Gary Bauer, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, and Family Leader president Bob Vander Plaats.

“I want to be actively supportive of a candidate who can help turn this nation around. With Trump – I’m not there yet. I hope to be there – but I’m not there right now,” said Tony Perkins of the meeting when speaking to Fox News.

That’s a telling quote, because in the meeting and within these organizations there are still many who resist or outright oppose Trump’s presidency, not least because he is absolutely terrible on pro-life issues.


When you click on the above image, you’ll see a lot of names and organizations. One of them is Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List. Earlier this year, SBA made no bones about their view that Trump is disaster and at least as bad as Hillary on life, but then later they essentially endorsed him anyway for … some inexplicable reason. (SCOTUS seems to be the fig leaf, as with many recent Trump converts.)

There are many stories like this on the Christian right. Whether you call it capitulation or resignation I can’t say. But it is one thing to decide that Trump will be less awful to the pro-life cause than Hillary. It is quite another to prepare to endorse him as a man of faith. There is no reason to hear him out on this topic. He is a practiced liar and makes a mockery of Christianity.

Begrudgingly support his candidacy if you must. But putting on this spectacle of affirming a false prophet is grotesque. He’s just going to lie. And badly. I mean, even Satan knows the Bible. Trump can’t even say that. What does that tell you?


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