Let The Garment Rending Begin: Tuesday's Vote Totals and Delegate Count Update Despair-a-thon


Tuesday had only one primary vote, but a newsy one. Washington (the state) voted yesterday to determine which person, if any, delegates would be bound to cast their vote for in the first round at the National Convention. This follows Saturday’s state convention, where the Cruz folks effectively shut out the Trump peeps, putting their people in all but one delegate spot. Which means that no matter who the vote is bound to, the people “voting” are Cruz loyalists. And now for those vote totals ..


Here are our projections.

Washington: Although the entire count is not finished, among the counted votes Donald Trump won handily for once with 76.2% of the vote. Senator Ted Cruz came in second with 10.12%, and Governor John Kasich in third with 9.85%. Dr. Ben Carson made the statistical significance mark with 3.81%. So far, 486,780 votes were cast and counted.

Now for the expected but still bad news. Trump took the majority in every congressional district. As a result, of the 44 delegates available, he has currently picked up 41. As he is unopposed, no one else gets any delegates.

[As always, please note these are the best projections based on information available at the time of the posting and are subject to change.]

And now for the big moment: the delegate totals. Gird your loins.

The Day: RedState estimates the new total delegates to date (for the four delegate leaders) at:

DONALD TRUMP:        1,217
SEN. TED CRUZ:            573


By this soft count, that puts Trump within 20 of clinching. And keep in mind, there are delegates out there still to be added to these totals even before the gigantic California primary. Just 20 more. TWENTY as of right now. It was already pretty much the ball game, but this is like, the ball game plus getting out of the parking lot and driving most of the way home.

To help you cope, cat tax:


Sources include CNN, AP, The Green Papers, Bing, and campaign data.


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