Sorry Religious Schools, Your Bathrooms Are Now A 'Target' Too


It’s not just businesses. It’s not just North Carolina or Target stores or even just government-run schools. As was totally predictable, the voracious appetite for tyranny by leftists is never sated, and now private, religious schools are on the hit list for the activists and troublemakers.


The Federalist reports this week on a religious private school that is under attack by anti-religion leftist bullies over so-called “trans rights” regarding bathrooms.

The Obama administration is investigating a school in Wisconsin for sending home letters telling parents and students that they expect students to live within Christian values while at school. This is a private Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod school that serves a tiny group of students—from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade they have 147 students and 10 teachers.

In February the school instituted some new policies that sparked a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. These policies include having parents provide a birth certificate (with the child’s sex on it) and signing a handbook that gives the school the right to discipline students for exhibiting sinful behavior.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation. Isn’t that nice?

The school receives some federal funds, such as to subsidize school lunch programs, and that is what is being used as the paper-thin premise to get leverage over the school’s policies. How long from deciding the school can’t have gender specific bathrooms will it take to decide they can’t have religion-specific teaching? This “Foundation” has only one real goal, the same one that most lefty groups have: abolish religious freedom, institute leftist ideology. In this case, they’re getting boys in the girls bathrooms first. Getting Jesus out of the classroom won’t be far behind.


At the Federalist, Scheer writes:

It seems ridiculous to question if religious schools should be able to operate within the bounds of their church’s doctrinal stances. Until recently, this is something that many of us have taken for granted. If you don’t agree with the basic tenets and premises of a religion, don’t attend their services, don’t attend their schools, and don’t expect them to change for you.

Complaints like this call that premise into question.

So it does. It calls a lot into question, like where is America going, why are we going there, and what is the end game? This is a frog in boiling water scenario. They’re heating it up slowly so you don’t jump out.

First them came for the bathrooms …



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