Hillary Clinton Is The Most Anti-Second Amendment Candidate Ever [VIDEO]

Sen. Jeff Sessions was a reliable conservative until he decided to jump on board the Trump train for whatever insane reason. But that doesn’t mean he can’t still be right about some things. And he’s right about this.

“Americans need to understand the extent of her radical position on it.” So very true.

I mentioned this in my post a few weeks ago listing only some of the many, many reasons I will never vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstance. The amazing thing is that, aside from occasionally saying the sentence ‘nobody will come for your guns,’ Hillary is quite in the open about the fact that she will in fact come right for your guns. She says it, her daughter says it, her people say it. They fundamentally believe that private gun ownership should be abolished. There’s no getting around that.

Trump is not believable as a pro-gun candidate. It’s crazy to think he’ll defend your freedoms. But folks, the things Hillary Clinton has said, the views she holds and espouses and argues for, the anti-gun rhetoric to which she is fully committed are the most anti-gun views we’ve faced heading to the White House. She is intolerably opposed to the Second Amendment. She must not be President.

Man do we need a third party.

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