Judge on Darth Trump's Supreme Court Listicle Mocks Him Mercilessly on Twitter


Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett doesn’t like Donald Trump very much, something the Donald would know if he were active on Twitter. (… wait)


Willett was on Trump’s list of people that he thinks conservatives would like to see written down on a paper about Supreme Court nominations. His SCOTUS Taunt Listicle, if you will. A listicle he hasn’t committed to at all, by the way.

But Justice Willett has been mocking Trump on Twitter for some time, and even after his name showed up on the list threw another jab. First, though, take a look at some of what he’s tweeted in the past.

That is hilarious. He weeps to find out who Trump would name to the court and he is on the list of people that Trump will talk about naming before not actually going through with it.

The internet-savvy Justice has more to say, though.


Nice. My favorite, though, is from just last month.

Brought a tear to my eye, that. Beautiful.

After being put on the list, Justice Willett was quiet for a few hours, before finally settling on this at-first-glance-mild tweet.

Love it. He simply laughs it off. He doesn’t take the list any more seriously than he takes the man. He might not put it that way, but it’s that way.

Seriously. Is there anything Texas isn’t awesome about?


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