As Only Republican Left, Donald Trump Wins Oregon ... But Not Well


Once again you should note that Donald Trump is the only candidate in the Republican Primary who has not suspended his campaign. The only person left. But like last week, he simply couldn’t scrape together a convincing win.


Trump managed to pick up 66.8% of the vote, his biggest total to date, but only a few more points that he won last week, and back in New York. As I pointed out last week, it’s worth remembering that Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that his totals would be much higher if he didn’t have any opponents, which sounded at the time like a perfectly obvious point but one which he’s managed to prove wrong anyway.

The protest vote was significant in Oregon, with both Ted Cruz and John Kasich taking over 16% apiece. So over 102,000 people just said no to the only guy left. It also means that he won’t pick up all of the state’s available delegates. Only a portion will be bound to vote for Trump.

To repeat: Trump, who has no opponents left, did not get all of the delegates in Oregon.

Well done, Donald.



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