LOL: Trump Laments Plight of Poor Jeffrey Lord, Unenviably Tasked with Defending Donald on CNN

Donald Trump is right that is probably tough for hard old Jeffrey Lord. The white-haired, Trump-loving, creepy uncle of CNN has a difficult task. He has to go on a panel of serious people on CNN and defend the unserious and ridiculous things said and done by Head Clown Donald Trump. It’s a tough job.



Take tonight, for example. Tonight Jeffrey had to argue that Trump constantly flip-flopping is a pretty good thing, and that people should see it as a sign of “strength.” I know, but stop laughing for a sec and watch this brief clip.

Negotiate from strength, a visibly upset Jeffrey insists while presumably stomping an elderly foot under the table.

Or how about this clip, where S.E. Cupp is totally right and Lord is mercifully saved by the break?

Nobody is denying that it’s hard to be Jeffrey Lord. It’s hard to have to be wrong all the time. To know you’re wrong, to have to defend something that is wrong. It’s not easy, especially when other people not beholden to a cruel master like Trump are more free to speak the truth. It’s hard. You end up looking ridiculous.

How ridiculous?


Defending the hair ridiculous. Oh sure, he makes a show of laughing. But that ain’t no laughing matter to the sensitive flower Donald, who can’t tolerate insults that challenge his Narcissus-level vanity.

Yes, it’s hard to be Jeffrey Lord. There’s no question about that. But you can’t blame CNN for it, Donald. It’s your fault. If you weren’t so blatantly ridiculous, your supporters wouldn’t look so blatantly ridiculous defending you.

That’s on you, bud.


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