BEST IDEA EVER: Trump Challenges Mayor of London to Contest that Simply MUST Take Place

Today, Donald Trump suggested in an interview that he and Sadiq Khan, the new Muslim Mayor of London, should have an IQ-off, and I think it’s a tremendous idea. The only thing better than the suggestion itself was his saying the words “IQ test” in front of poor Piers Morgan, which is akin to what happens when Biden asks people to stand up.


Poor Piers was interviewing his pal Trump and brought up Sadiq Khan, with whom Trump words have been exchanged recently. That’s when Trump tossed out the intelligence testing plan.

POOR PIERS MORGAN: We have a new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, he’s the first Muslim mayor.
DONALD TRUMP: Congratulations.
MORGAN: He’s been quite critical of you, as you know, he’s attacked you for being ignorant.
TRUMP: Let’s do, let’s do an IQ test.

We can leave aside the point that an IQ test isn’t for measuring ignorance but rather intelligence and, instead, focus on this fantastic idea that is great. Because Donald would have to take one too, you see. Who doesn’t want to see that result?

There’s no reason Trump fans or haters should be against this awesome plan. Who knows? It might be super high, it might be amazingly low. There’s really only way to know. I know what I expect.


The only thing Trump has ever overestimated more than his IQ is his net worth. And maybe the size of his … hands. But since it’s obvious we aren’t going to get dimensions (God forbid) or tax returns any time soon, just give us your (hopefully) three digit PIN. You know, personal intelligence number.

I have to agree with Donald Trump on two points here. First, Sadiq Khan should keep his nose out of our election and second, there should definitely be an IQ test. It’s all up side.

Sort of.


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