It Was Tuesday, But Not A Super One: Here Are The Vote Totals and Delegate Projections You Crave


Yes, people are still voting, the primary is still ongoing. Trump now has no opponents running in the campaign and is the presumptive nominee, but there are still votes to count and percentages to analyze and delegate totals to update. With that in mind …


Here we go with our projections.

Nebraska: Donald Trump won the primary tonight, of course. As noted, he was unopposed. However, it was far from a sweeping victory despite having no one else in the race. Trump won with 61.42% of the vote. Senator Ted Cruz came in second with 18.47%, and Governor John Kasich took third with a measly 11.39%. As we noted last night, these were not the only former candidates who won votes. Approximately 194,621 votes were cast.

Nebraska is a winner-take-all state, and Trump is the only candidate running. As a result, all 36 delegates go to Donald Trump.

West Virginia (Republican): Again, obviously Donald Trump, the only remaining candidate, won the West Virginia primary. Trump took 76.91% of the vote, Ted Cruz took 9.02%, John Kasich grabbed 6.82%, Ben Carson got 2.14%, and so on.

Trump will be the only candidate to receive bound delegates. The West Virginia delegate rules are extremely complicated, arcane even, but at the time of this posting, it seems reasonable to estimate that 24 of the 34 delegates are bound to Trump so far.

That number counts the three party leaders, which includes the State GOP Chair. These are delegates who have been confirmed to have been elected and not in any geographic conflict (such as being one of too many from a particular county.) As the remainder are certified Trump’s total count from the state will undoubtedly go up.


West Virginia (Democrat): Senator Bernie Sanders won in West Virginia, taking 51.38% of the vote. Secretary Hillary Clinton took 35.97%.

The non-super delegates in the state break down as 18 for Sanders, and 11 for Clinton.

[As always, please note these are the best projections based on information available at the time of the posting and are subject to change.]

And now for the big moment: the delegate totals.

The Day: RedState estimates the new total delegates to date (for the three four leaders) at:
DONALD TRUMP:        1128 (will go up during the day today)
SEN. TED CRUZ:            565

Sources include CNN, AP, The Green Papers, Bing, and campaign data.



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