Running Unopposed, Trump Manages To Lose Almost Half of Nebraska Primary Vote


Tonight, unopposed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump still managed to lose almost half the votes cast in the Nebraska primary election. What a mandate!

Trump came in at about 61% of the vote, meaning the other nearly 40% voted against him, despite knowing that everyone else had dropped out of the race.


Ted Cruz got 18.5%, John Kasich 11.39%, and Marco Rubio got 3.63%. Amazingly, Trump supporter and lackey Dr. Ben Carson himself took 5% of the vote from the boss. And by “amazingly,” I mean bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

That’s Trump’s big win tonight. Unopposed. Do recall how he said it was really hard to get a high percent of the vote with so many opponents. Do recall he said getting just 60% of the vote in his home state of New York was only because he had two other opponents. And then realize he had ZERO opponents tonight and still barely broke 60.

Oh yeah, real popular guy. We’re super impressed, Donald. What a victory.



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