OUCH: Trump Will Never Be The Nominee, Said Every Completely Wrong Person In This Amazing Video

It’s funny to see the experts be so spectacularly wrong. It’s less funny when you could not have wished more for them to be right.

Via Heat Street

Ugh. You can’t fault the “experts” for believing people couldn’t possibly fall for such a transparent pandering idiot like Trump, but considering how often these MSM heads do turn out to be wrong, you can’t rule out a pattern either.


You also have to consider the question of cause and effect. As dumb and childish as it is, there is a strong strain of “oh YEAH?” in the rank and file Trumpies that delight in doing whatever people say they ought not. They’re proud of that even as you call it childish and stupid. It is one of those fake virtues that make people feel good about themselves but in reality just means they failed to consider what is best for their country, their lives, and their fellow Americans, and instead indulged what was most rebellious or has the most attitude or makes them feel the most feelings.

In any case, one thing is certain. Everyone who said Trump would never be the nominee was wrong. Whether from their serial incorrectness, or simply through misplaced faith in the American people.

Just remember it didn’t stop them from showing him 24/7 in a totally unprecedented billion dollar bonanza of free campaign air time.


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