LYIN' DON: Trump Just Totally Made Up the Story that he Talked to Marco Rubio Recently


In case you missed it, on Thursday, Donald Trump told Bret Baier that he spoke with Marco Rubio and that Rubio was very supportive of him and even open to a VP spot. Late Friday night, Marco Rubio advisers not only denied that he was supportive, but flat out stated that no such conversation took place at all. Trump just made it up.


Here’s the transcript of Trump’s claim, from Fox:

BRETT BAIER: And you had conversations with Marco Rubio recently, several of them.

TRUMP: We’ve had really nice conversations, not necessarily about that, just that we had — you know, we always had a very good relationship, Bret, Marco and I. And then it got a little bit nasty for a period of time and then we had the election. And, you know, that was a tough period of time for Marco. Marco is a good guy, a really nice guy. And I like him. But, uh, not necessarily with respect to any position. But it could happen.

Not true, says the Rubio camp.

Trump also said “Marco has been, uh, very supportive, very good. And, you know, he said very nice things.”

Also, nope. Heat Street got the real story, the one that matches what we know of Rubio and his campaign and his history and his recent statements, rather than the fake, made-up, obvious lie that Trump told that doesn’t fit the facts at all.

However, Trump’s claims of talking to Rubio were completely false, two sources close to Rubio confirmed to Heat Street, emphasizing that Rubio had not spoken to Trump recently and certainly had not expressed support.

In fact, as Rubio’s advisers pointed out, he’s been very busy this week, out of the country on an official Congressional visit to the Middle East. Rubio, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Select Committee on Intelligence, visited with officials in Qatar, Iraq, and Turkey, as well as American military servicemembers and Christian leaders.


Oh there’s more.

On Friday, Heat Street spoke to multiple senior advisers, members of Rubio’s inner circle who have been in direct contact with him.

“Absolutely false,” said one Rubio adviser. “He absolutely will not be Trump’s Vice President.”

That sentiment was echoed by two other sources close to Rubio, who confirmed to Heat Street that Rubio was not considering joining Trump’s ticket. “That’s never happening,” said one. Another referenced the likelihood of snowballs in hell, and expressed frustration at the inaccurate stories, referencing how Rubio’s comments in late April about a contested convention had been taken out of context. “He was just speaking analytically then,” and not saying he opposed a contested convention, “and he’s not joining with Trump.”

And yes, there’s even more in the article at Heat Street that fully lays out the total absurdity of the lie Trump told. You should read it.

What Rubio did do recently is trash Trump, as Brandon Morse points out. It’s simply not credible to think that he would be supportive and open to a VP slot.

Here is the bottom line: Marco Rubio did not talk to Trump. Trump made that up. It’s not the first time he lied about what a Senator has said, either.


It is foolish to trust Donald Trump. You can’t trust him with nukes, you can’t trust him with the economy, you can’t even trust him to tell the truth about a phone call. Because he is fundamentally not trustworthy. How can anyone support that?

Gov. Perry … come on, man. Do the right thing.


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