Trump Is Terrible. So Is Hillary. Count Me In As #NeverHillary


I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. I just want to make that clear. There will never be a ballot in my name with a checkmark or a hole punched next to the name Hillary Clinton. Or any Clinton. It just isn’t going to happen.

People are abandoning the GOP after Trump’s victory, a move I applaud. They are looking at third party candidates, which is something the Tea Party base has talked about for years now but never quite pulled the trigger on. They are even officially registering as Independents or members of the Constitution or Libertarian parties.

Good, I say. Healthy for democracy, I say. Don’t vote for Hillary, I say.

Don’t you remember who Hillary is? I do.


There is no argument you can make against Trump that you can’t make against Hillary. Truly they are birds of a feather. The only slight difference is that Trump is clearly unstable and unfit, as opposed to Hillary who is corrupt and unfit. But that’s not a good enough reason for me to put my name next to a radically pro-abortion, radically social justice, global warming extremist like Hillary. And yes, again, all of those things apply equally to Trump.

Just look at what she herself says about her position on the issues. Heck, let’s just pick ONE issue. This is from Hillary’s website:

Climate change is an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time—and Hillary Clinton has a plan to tackle it by making America the world’s clean energy superpower, taking bold steps to slash carbon pollution at home and around the world, and ensuring no Americans are left out or left behind as we rapidly build a clean energy economy.

What do you read there? That’s social justice “intersectionality” right there. It’s back-door socialism. If you’ve been to any gatherings of liberals, and I’ve been to many including Netroots Nation, they openly advocate using the “urgent” issue of global warming as a catalyst for social change. Reparations and redistribution to other countries. They want to take of America’s wealth and give to other nations. They call it Climate Justice. Look it up.

That’s Hillary. Is that something you want to vote for?

Hillary is a gun-grabber who has attacked Bernie over and over during the DNC debates for not wanting to punish gun manufacturers for, essentially, manufacturing guns. That is so preposterous and offensive it’s almost hard to believe a person can suggest it. But she does, and so do the Democrats over whom she would wield enormous influence and power. Unlike a hobbled Trump administration with no mandate, Hillary’s now almost-certain Presidency would put her in an even more authoritative position in the party than she already has. You don’t think they’d go for your guns? Chelsea says they will. Hillary says they will even as she says they won’t.

They will. Do you want to put your name next to that? I don’t.

Hillary is also a dishonest campaigner, which should make the general election phase of this tragic comedy even more tragic and hilarious. Like Trump, she says one thing and does another.


Hillary thinks she’s owed the Presidency because she’s a woman, and she’s not afraid to say that. In fact they are proud of it and fundraise off of it. She’s a hardcore, Planned Parenthood feminist. She thinks that male college students should be presumed rapists, and that despite the many times claims have been shown false, every accusation by a woman should be automatically believed.

Do you think that? Would you vote for that?

Oh but don’t forget, the one place there’s no such thing as a rapist is in women’s bathrooms. In that case, men are entirely trustworthy. Men in a dorm? BE AFRAID. Men in the women’s restroom? BE TOLERANT. A continuation of Obama’s (and Trump’s) priorities.

Are those your priorities?

Look, I live in North Carolina. My vote is often all but symbolic. It was close with Romney, it might be close again this time. But either way, I don’t want voting for what Hillary stands for to be the symbol of my citizenship. I want my conscience clear in November. I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. She couldn’t be trusted with top secret information, she couldn’t be trusted with the lives of Americans in Benghazi, and she won’t be trusted with my vote.

You can count me in as #NeverHillary.

And by the way? You can forget about my voting for Trump too, not that it matters to anyone. I won’t have that malicious, maniacal, mentally unfit clown on my conscience either. Sorry. They can both go take a leap.