Andrea Mitchell NAILS It On Why Trump Wins: 'Tweets Matter'

To be clear, Andrea Mitchell is usually wrong, and even in this case is mostly wrong, but she gets one thing so totally correct in this clip Mediaite highlights today that it hurts my brain.

“Facts no longer matter. Tweets matter.”

This is 100% correct. Trump voters vote for the lie that Trump tells them, not for what he actually is, or what he actually does. That’s how he got here. I can’t tell you how many Trump voters I met in South Carolina who believed absolute, proven lies that Trump told, such as his fabrication of a quote from Tom Coburn. They took it as a fact, and they acted on the facts as they understood them.

Trump is not just the reality TV candidate. He’s the morning news show candidate. He’s the Fox News candidate. He’s the Twitter candidate. That’s what we’ve become.

How far down the hole are we? I’m agreeing with Andrea Mitchell. That’s pretty damn far.

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